VAT Services for Solicitors

It is quite often the case that, particularly in relation to property transactions and business acquisitions, disposals or re-organisations, VAT can “fall down the cracks in the pavement”.
This is normally because a solicitor will place the onus on the clients’ accountant to have addressed any VAT issues, whilst the accountant will often rely on the solicitor to raise any pertinent questions.

As a consequence, VAT can sometimes be something which is only addressed when pen is about to be put to paper- if at all.

InnoVATion VAT Services Limited seeks to ensure that VAT does not become an unforeseen issue or a cost in these circumstances by acting as an independent “bridge” between the solicitor and accountant by offering:

  • A telephone and e-mail advice service.
  • Written advice, where required.
  • A review of contracts or sale or purchase Agreements.
  • Suitable liaison with H M Revenue & Customs.

VAT Services for Solicitors

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