VAT Services for Accountants

For many accountants who do not have an in-house VAT resource, a reliable and cost effective source of advice and support can be invaluable.

Having the ability to access such advice and support is also an important consideration in reducing risk and exposure from a Professional Indemnity insurance perspective.

It is my experience that what accountants want is a responsive, technically reliable and pro-active service, where cost is not an issue for them or for their clients.

InnoVATion VAT Services Limited provides that service.

The menu of services available includes (but is not limited to):

  • A free telephone advice service *
  • An initial free review of any dispute, Assessment, surcharge or penalty.
  • Pro-active VAT planning, including the use of recognised schemes and planning structures.
  • Advice on registration and de-registration issues.
  • Advice on transfers of going concerns, group re-organisations and business hive-ups or hive-downs.
  • Real estate advice- including the use of the Option to Tax, the Capital Goods Scheme, deemed supplies and transaction liability.
  • Advice on international transactions and operations.
  • Assistance with applying for local reviews, the Alternative Dispute Resolution service and Appeals.
  • Representation of clients at ADR meetings and Tax Tribunal hearings.
  • Advising on or devising Partial Exemption or Business/Non-Business Methods.

(* Note: limited to 15 minutes verbal advice and not involving significant research or
the provision of valuable intellectual property).

VAT Services for Accountants

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